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ABY Children's Yoga Teacher Training

Our extensive course, which takes place over three days, offers a wide range of information and includes a comprehensive training manual as well as a video manual. Course numbers are kept small so you get the optimum benefit and access to the tutors. We also provide children’s yoga teacher training as a CPD to teachers and LSAs in schools and colleges.

A variety of content is covered including:

* Anatomy and physiology of children * Mantra and sound work

* Class structure * Mindful arts and crafts

* Sun salutations for children * Class management

* Sitting and standing breathing for children * Business and promotion

* Sequencing and postures * Approaching education settings

* Yoga story telling * Props, admin and music

* Yoga games for children

* Mindfulness, meditation and relaxation for



“Fantastic course run by a knowledgeable and patient teacher. The course is full of practical content coupled with useful hints and tips to prepare you for teaching children. Would definitely recommend to those seeking to bring yoga to young lives.”

“I absolutely loved the course, lots I have learnt and benefited from, Claudine is a wonderful teacher and very welcoming and extremely creative”

“I would highly recommend this lovely course with an amazing teacher!”

“ Claudine is an experienced teacher who is always helpful. Highly recommended! ”

“Claudine is professional & her expertise in this area is great.”

“ Claudine puts everyone at ease no matter what their ability is. She is very knowledgeable, professional and friendly.”

“Claudine is very patient and explains everything fully and reassures.”


Friday 25th March – Sunday 27th March 2022

Venue: Rosewell Shiatsu Centre, Holywell Rd, Grantham NG33 4SL

Contact Claudine for Costs & Booking on 07790 360671 or

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