Accredited Meditation Teacher Training:


The Active Balance Meditation Teacher Training programme is open to anyone who would like to become a meditation teacher or simply wants to deepen their understanding and practice of meditation as a meditation practitioner.


The programme is accredited as a Post Diploma Course with the Independent Yoga Network, and it is externally accredited and verified with the Complementary Medical Association.  On successful completion of the programme, you can register as a meditation teacher with the CMA and use the letters MCMA after your name.

The course will run over three days, Friday to Sunday. Each training day will start at 10.00 am and finish at 4.00 pm. You will need to wear comfortable clothing, a meditation blanket or shawl, and bring a pen and paper. Meditation cushions and other supports are optional. Chairs will be available at the studio.  Further information will be provided on enrolment.  

The cost of the programme will cover your participation in the programme, your manual, the test and certification. You will receive a list of recommended books you can buy in order to help you better assimilate the meditation practices. 

Each of the course will be dedicated to the practical study of one specific type of meditation:

  • Core Meditation Techniques

  • Chakra Meditation

  • Raja Dharana


The programme is aimed at anyone who would like to participate in what could be considered a meditation retreat in a beautiful location, Rosewell Shiatsu Centre in East Midlands, UK.  The Active Balance Meditation Teacher certification will enable you to join professional associations and apply for liability insurance if you wish to teach meditation to the public.

The aim of the programme is to present our unique approach to holistic meditation as an effective means of delivering a meditation class. This will allow trainees to apply the holistic meditation approach to various meditation techniques, either energy-based (core meditation and chakra meditation) or mind-based (Dharana techniques: Trataka, Sambhavi Mudra, Ekagrata as well as Mindfulness).

Whilst deeply immersed in the practical aspects of meditation, the programme will also present theoretical information regarding the history of meditation practices, professional standards for a meditation teacher, client assessment and evaluation, professional boundaries, ethical marketing, taxation, applicable legislation, music licencing, class management and other practicalities for the role of a meditation teacher. The programme aims to empower participants to be able to teach safely and effectively meditation techniques to the public, as well as the ability to practice different forms of meditation in an informed manner. 

For more information regarding this in-depth and unique accredited course, or to book your place, please contact us. 

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Next Course:


3 Day Accredited Course  


  • Friday 18th -Sunday 20th March 2022

Times: 10am- 4pm


Rosewell Shiatsu Centre,

East Midlands UK


Stefan Cunnington, Med.Dip. Teacher


Cost: Normal price 575 but reduced to £475 for the course in November to help promote the befits of meditation in this period.


Payments in instalments available. 


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