Frequently asked Questions:


The Active Balance Yoga Teacher Diploma is accredited by Yoga Alliance. Once qualified you can join the Yoga Alliance register and use the letters RYT 200 after your name. 


The course is also registered with the Independent Yoga Network. Membership with the Independent Yoga Network (IYN) allows you to use the letters RYT after your name and you can join the Register for Exercise Professionals (REPs), which is useful if you want to work within the fitness industry. 

These organisations offer professional support, insurance options and professional standards with regards to your role as a yoga teacher. 



The Active Balance Yoga Teacher Training is a comprehensive programme that covers in great depth the practical skills and knowledge required to teach yoga safely and professionally.

The course covers yoga poses (asana), yoga breathing techniques (pranayama), and mudras and bandhas. All will be studied in detail, with regards to alignment, benefits and contraindications, modifications and adjustments as well as effective and safe sequencing.

In addition, the programme includes applied anatomy modules, yoga philosophy elements, and  energetic anatomy with techniques aimed at holistic development.

We will study the business of teaching yoga, registration with professional bodies, insurance, taxation, ethical marketing, and relationships with other yoga teachers.




Stefan has taught yoga for over 25 years. He runs successful yoga classes, workshops and charity events in the Grantham area.

He trained in Integral yoga in his country, Romania, and also qualified with a Power Yoga school here in the UK.

Stefan has years of experience teaching sports massage for Grantham College and UKHolistics as well as teaching and assessing for other yoga teacher training schools. 

Stefan shares his passion for studying, practicing and teaching yoga with his students within a safe and supportive environment. His students describe him as motivational and inspirational, and his classes as compassionate, fun and inclusive.  You are welcome to read what our students say in the Testimonials.



Th Active Balance Yoga Teacher Diploma is a 200 hours qualification. This is the industry standard, which requires a minimum of 180 contact hours and a minimum of 20 self-study hours. The programme is delivered over one weekend a month for eleven months to provide sufficient time between each module to assimilate the theory and reflect on the practical, physiological and philosophical elements that are part of the Yoga Teacher Training programme.



To qualify as a yoga teacher and register with Yoga Alliance, you must complete a minimum of 200 hours training. If you miss a training weekend, for instance, you will need to recuperate the hours. We aim to be as flexible as possible, but it is in your best interest to ensure, before you join the programme, that you can commit fully and take part in all modules. 



In order to be accepted on the course, you need to practice yoga for a minimum of two years prior to the start date of the programme. This will enable you to make the most of the Teacher Training programme, and will also ensure you can train safely and teach once qualified. Therefore, we recommend you continue to take part in a regular weekly class and we look forward to you joining us when you are ready!


Certainly not! You do need to have practiced yoga regularly for a minimum of two years before enrolling on the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training programme. That will mean that your body is prepared to take part in this level of intensive training. The training maybe challenging at times, but you will always work with the body, not against it. Safe practice is a priority, and on that safety, we can build effective teaching and practice methods. We expect people of all ages, body types, and levels of fitness and flexibility to be able to successfully complete their training and to inspire others to benefit from regular yoga classes. 




You will be encouraged to teach from day one and will be given the opportunity to teach frequently throughout the programme. You will practice and develop your teaching skills when studying each module and  you will also complete practical teaching assessments.

We will also encourage you to practice teaching yoga on family and friends throughout the duration of the programme. This is an excellent way to develop, as a yoga teacher trainee, your practical skills and prepare for the teaching assessments.




You will be assessed throughout the course as well as halfway through and at the end of the training period, in order to help you assimilate all the modules of the course.




Yes, you can. In order to reserve your place on the Yoga Teacher Training programme, you must pay a non-refundable deposit of £600. 

You can, then, pay in instalments the remainder of the tuition fee. Most trainees spread the cost over a ten month period (£210 monthly). However, if you pay in full up to one month before the programme start date, you will receive a £50 discount. Contact us to arrange a payment plan.




The cost of the Active Balance Teacher Training programme covers participation to the eleven training weekends, the manual, the theoretical and practical exams and the certificate.

There are a few extra costs to consider the purchase of the books recommended for extra reading (you will be given a reading list) and yoga equipment (you need a yoga mat, a yoga belt, a couple of blocks etc).  

Before you start teaching yoga to the public, you will also need to take part in a first aid course. It isn't generally very costly, but it is important for your insurance and for the safety of your students.


The programme requires full attendance and participation. As expected, it does involve study time, homework and practicing the art of teaching yoga techniques with family and friends. This will ensure a solid theoretical and practical knowledge by the end of your course. Some aspects of the course will be optional, so people who are able to challenge further can have a chance to do so.  

All that the School asks from you is a passion for yoga, dedication to your training, and the basic human quality of respect.

In line with the ethical and moral code of yoga, Yama, and Niyama, which will be covered at the course, you are expected to be respectful towards your colleagues and towards your teachers. Disrespectful, illegal, or abusive behavior will be challenged and not tolerated and can result in being asked to leave the course, without the right of any refunds. The Active Balance Yoga School takes pride in its role of training its students to become safe and effective yoga teachers, especially as the role of the yoga teacher can often involve working with people who might be vulnerable. 

The vast majority of people who are attracted to this beautiful and exciting career as yoga teachers are wonderful and totally dedicated to improving the lives of others. They will always benefit from the support of the school, even after their training is completed. When that is not the case, and in order to protect the public, the course leader will reserve the right of dismissal from the course, without any refunds, or the right to release a Yoga Practitioner certificate instead of the Yoga Teacher certificate.  




Once you finished the course, you will be able to register with Yoga Alliance and/or with Independent Yoga Network and gain insurance to be able to teach classes to the public. We will discuss at the class what options are available and we will make sure you feel fully equipped to teach in a modern setting: a yoga studio, a gym, corporate, public or private classes.



Contact us if you have any other questions. Will add more Q&A here as we hear from you.

Kind regards,

Stefan Cunnington, YRT





Allison Glover, YRT, Qualified Yoga Teacher:


"An inspiring and extremely knowledgeable yoga teacher. I feel deeply privileged that Stefan has been my teacher and mentor for the last fifteen years. He opened up the world of yoga for me in a safe and authentic way; training and supporting me to also become a successful yoga teacher. I would highly recommend his teacher training courses."


Libby Jelley, Qualified Yoga Teacher:


"I met Stefan a few years ago on a training course which Stefan was running. He was very welcoming, totally professional in all areas of the teachings. Stefan's knowledge is outstanding and he puts his heart into his work. I left the course feeling totally motivated and deeply inspired. Stefan, you are one of the best teachers in the yoga world and continue to inspire so many. A real pleasure to have met and train with."


Emma Answell, Qualified Yoga Teacher: 


"Stefan is a goldmine of yogi knowledge both in practice & in philosophy - his mentoring comes from the heart & his soul and with that, he nurtures & feeds a student's desire to know more, be more & immerse themselves further in the ever giving practice of yoga. I would highly recommend his teacher training to give you a strong foundation & a rich practice knowledge from which you can develop your own teaching style with confidence. His quirky yet gentle nature with which he shares this wisdom is magical."


Michele Parkes, Qualified Yoga Teacher: 

"I've been with Stefan for about 21/2 years and can honestly say he is most definitely the best yoga teacher I've practised under. He makes everyone so welcome which is very important when you are new to a class as often the biggest hurdle is just getting there! He is supportive and humorous which makes the classes so enjoyable and I know I can contact him out of class hours if I have a question about my practice without feeling as if I'm intruding I have the privilege of training with him starting in May 2019 and am so very excited."


Stephanie Maxwell-Smith, Qualified Yoga teacher:


"I would describe Stefan as a yoga guru.  He is a fountain of knowledge.  He is inspiring.  He is funny.  He is kind. He was my inspiration to become a teacher and he is my rock, now that I am a qualified yoga teacher.    A true professional, once you have met Stefan, you will fall in love with all subjects yoga."


Liz Langford, Qualified Yoga Teacher: 


"Motivational, encouraging, supportive, inspirational - just some of the words I would use to describe Stefan’s style as a teacher, mentor and exceptional human being. If you are a beginner looking to study yoga and/or meditation or you are seeking a more advanced understanding of principles and practices then Stefan has the wonderful ability to pitch his encyclopaedic knowledge at the perfect level to engage whilst sparking a desire to learn more and improve. He challenges, champions and cheers on his students with a sense of fun and humour. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending a class or event led by Stefan. He is a true Yogi in every sense of the word."


Natasha B. Yoga Practitioner: 


 "The training session was fantastic and Stefan's instructions were so clear. The Yoga method was really interesting to practice and also to learn the fascinating aspects of theory. I would highly recommend Stefan's training and workshops. They are great fun and really effective!"


Julie H, Yoga Practitioner : 


"Stefan presents a wonderful combination of different aspects of yoga. His sessions are energising, focussed and calming, all at the same time.

During training, the time passed quickly and the atmosphere was very friendly. I always take away new information to research and practice."


Gina Crampton, Qualified Yoga Teacher


"Stefan is an experienced yoga practitioner with a wealth of knowledge. His classes are compassionate, fun, inclusive, cover a range of styles and I highly recommend them to all. I would advise anybody wishing to become a yoga teacher to seek out a teacher training course with Stefan. He is friendly, welcoming and a true, honest ambassador for yoga."


Janie McCormick, Community Events Fundraiser:


"On behalf of St Barnabas Lincolnshire Hospice, I would like to say what a delight it has been to have Stefan heading up our Sponsored Yogathon for the last 5 years.

Stefan was recommended to me several years ago and didn’t hesitate when asked to help us create a fundraising event with a difference. He has donated his time and talents ever since and has helped us to raise in excess of £8,500 to date. Stefan has a passion for helping people and really makes an effort to make sure that everybody is welcome no matter what their level of experience. He is a pleasure to work with and we wish him all the best."





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