Yoga Teacher and Practitioner Diploma

200 Hours Active Balance Yoga Teacher and Practitioner Diploma


Accredited with Yoga Alliance and with Independent Yoga Network

The Active Balance Yoga Teacher Training programme is open to anyone who wants to become a yoga teacher or simply wants to advance their theoretical and practical skills as a yoga practitioner.


Successful candidates will receive two qualifications:


  1.   Yoga Teacher Diploma

  2.   Meditation Teacher Diploma


The Training Course will take part over a period of 11 weekends, one weekend per month. For dates, location and tuition fee, click here.


The Active Balance YTT will cover in detail specific practical skills and theoretical knowledge:


Practical skills include:


  • An extensive range of yoga poses/Asanas

  • Specific breathing techniques/Pranayama

  • Mudras and Bandhas

  • Concentration and meditation techniques (Dharana and Dhyana)

    • All techniques will be studied in detail and from a balanced perspective in terms of a modern understanding of, but not limited to, anatomical alignment, indications, contraindications, preparatory poses, contraindication, follow up poses and modifications as well as the age-old values of an authentic yoga lifestyle.


Theoretical skills include: 


  • The anatomy of yoga- applied elements of anatomy and physiology

  • The energetic anatomy - in-depth exploration of the chakras and the nadis (power lines), their influence on our well-being and as tools for personal development.

  • Yoga Philosophy and how it applies to our practice and daily life.

  • A good understanding of Sanskrit terminology.

  • The art and science of teaching yoga classes.

  • The business of yoga: training, membership to professional bodies, insurance, licencing, current relevant legislation, marketing, professional boundaries, ethics of teaching yoga and more.


The Active Balance Yoga Teacher Training programme will focus on Integral Yoga as a style; bringing together Hatha Yoga, Principles of Vinyasa as well as Swara Yoga, Laya Yoga, Yantra Yoga, Karma Yoga and Raja Yoga.


The yoga teacher training programme will aim to support you to achieve your potential towards a career as a yoga teacher, or to enforce an informed knowledge as an advanced yoga practitioner.

We welcome any questions regarding the yoga teacher training programme,

or you can start your journey and  Request your Application Form Here





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Next course: September 2022

Location: Rosewell Shiatsu Centre

Teacher: Stefan Cunnington

Cost: £2,850

Interest-free payment in instalments is available

£50 early bird discount for full payment a month before the start of the Yoga Teacher Training

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Course dates:

  •  10th - 11th September 2022

  •  8th - 9th October 2022

  •  12th - 13th November 2022

  •  10th - 11th December 2022

  •  14th - 15th January 2023

  •  11th - 12th February 2023

  •  11th - 12th March 2023

  •  15th - 16th April 2023

  •  13th - 14th May 2023

  •  10th- 11th June 2023

  •  8th - 9th July 2023

Enrol on the Yoga Teacher Diploma Course
in three easy steps:

1. To embark on this exciting career, contact us to request an application form.

2. If accepted on the course, you will need to reserve your place by paying the deposit (£600) either in one instalment or in two instalments (£300 over a two months period). 


3. The rest of the tuition fee can be paid in full, before the start of the course, or in instalments over an eleven months period, interest-free.  All payments are non-refundable and the course tuition fee must be paid in full before your certification. We aim to offer maximum flexibility in order to ensure the monthly instalments are affordable. 

Successful completion of this course will offer two certificates:

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Diploma, accredited with Yoga Alliance US, and with Independent Yoga Network, IYN. 

and a 

Meditation Teacher Certificate accredited with Complementary Medical Association (CMA) and registered as a post-graduate diploma with Independent Yoga Network (IYN) 

During the course, you will be able to gain public liability insurance and register as a Yoga Teacher Student with the Independent Yoga Network from the fifth weekend of your course. After the successful completion of the course, you can teach yoga and meditation classes for the public, private and corporate sessions.

We look forward to seeing you on the mat! 


What do graduates say about Active Balance Yoga  Teacher Training?

Testimonial Hilary Allison.png

"An inspiring and extremely knowledgeable yoga teacher. I feel deeply privileged that Stefan has been my teacher and mentor for the last fifteen years. He opened up the world of yoga for me in a safe and authentic way; training and supporting me to also become a successful yoga teacher. I would highly recommend his teacher training courses."

my teacher and mentor for the last fifteen years. He opened up the world of yoga for me in a safe and authentic way; training and supporting me to also become a successful yoga teacher. I would highly recommend his teacher training courses."

— Allison Glover YRT

Qualified Yoga Teacher

Testimonial Steph.png

"I would describe Stefan as a yoga guru.  He is a fountain of knowledge.  He is inspiring.  He is funny.  He is kind. He was my inspiration to become a teacher and he is my rock, now that I am a qualified yoga teacher.    A true professional, once you have met Stefan, you will fall in love with all subjects yoga."

— Stephanie Maxwell-Smith

Qualified Yoga Teacher

"I've just completed my 2nd weekend of teacher training with Active Balance Yoga and Stefan at the Rosewell Centre, Castle Bytham.
I was apprehensive when I first started as I wasn't totally sure I wanted to teach and thought the weekends might be too long but I was so wrong.
The time just flies by listening to Stefan's amazing teachings and insights into yoga and the history and theory of it.
I have never practiced for more than about 1 hour in any one session but we complete over 2 hours practice in the morning and it just doesn't seem like it. Stefan gives lovely clear instructions and keeps the session flowing but pauses when necessary for teaching points or just to give us a short rest!
I'm so excited about my journey to becoming a yoga teacher now and wish we could train every weekend.
I highly recommend this training and if you get a lovely group like mine it'll make the experience even better."

— Caroline Barrett

Trainee Yoga Teacher

Testimonial Liz (1).png

"Motivational, encouraging, supportive, inspirational - just some of the words I would use to describe Stefan’s style as a teacher, mentor and exceptional human being. If you are a beginner looking to study yoga and/or meditation or you are seeking a more advanced understanding of principles and practices then Stefan has the wonderful ability to pitch his encyclopaedic knowledge at the perfect level to engage whilst sparking a desire to learn more and improve. He challenges, champions and cheers on his students with a sense of fun and humour. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending a class or event led by Stefan. He is a true Yogi in every sense of the word."

— Liz Langford YRT

Qualified Yoga Teacher

Testimonial Megan (1).png

"I am currently two months in to the Yoga Teacher Training course with Stefan. I am absolutely loving it so far. I already feel like I have learnt so much! Stefan is incredibly intelligent and knowledgeable. The sessions are intense but also really fun. He gets the right balance between imparting his knowledge, yoga practice, and being able to practise our skills on each other. 5 stars for sure."

— Megan Brook

Trainee Yoga Teacher

Testimonial Lauren.png

"... Stefan is a passionate and knowledgeable teacher who was always available if you needed extra support and help ... Teaching was made easier by discussing each pose in detail with emphasis on contraindications and modifications which reassured me that I had the knowledge to teach a safe and inclusive class in the future ... The theory content of the course was taught with respectful reference to tradition and with examples in a modern context which made it easier to understand and apply it to our lives ..."

— Lauren Ross

Qualified Yoga Teacher YRT