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Allison Glover,

Qualified Yoga Teacher:


"An inspiring and extremely knowledgeable yoga teacher. I feel deeply privileged that Stefan has been my teacher and mentor for the last fifteen years. He opened up the world of yoga for me in a safe and authentic way; training and supporting me to also become a successful yoga teacher. I would highly recommend his teacher training courses."



Liz Langford,

Qualified Yoga Teacher: 

"Motivational, encouraging, supportive, inspirational - just some of the words I would use to describe Stefan’s style as a teacher, mentor and exceptional human being. If you are a beginner looking to study yoga and/or meditation or you are seeking a more advanced understanding of principles and practices then Stefan has the wonderful ability to pitch his encyclopedic knowledge at the perfect level to engage whilst sparking a desire to learn more and improve. He challenges, champions and cheers on his students with a sense of fun and humour. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending a class or event led by Stefan. He is a true Yogi in every sense of the word."


Gina Crampton,

Qualified Yoga Teacher:


"Stefan is an experienced yoga practitioner with a wealth of knowledge. His classes are compassionate, fun, inclusive, cover a range of styles and I highly recommend them to all. I would advise anybody wishing to become a yoga teacher to seek out a teacher training course with Stefan. He is friendly, welcoming and a true, honest ambassador for yoga. "



We are excited to offer our training programme in integral and holistic yoga:


200 Hours Active Balance Yoga Teacher and Practitioner Diploma

At Rosewell Shiatsu Centre, East Midlands, UK 



The Active Balance Yoga Teacher Training programme is open to anyone who wants to become a Yoga Teacher as well as anyone who simply wants to advance their theoretical and practical skills as a Yoga Practitioner.


Successful candidates will receive two certificates:


  1.   Yoga Teacher Diploma

  2.   Meditation Teacher Diploma






Active Balance Yoga offers yoga teacher training and CPD opportunities in integral and holistic yoga.

Our training programmes integrate both the modern and traditional aspects of yoga - the modern aspects of anatomy based alignment and sequencing alongside the energetic alignment and the ability to blend the understanding of the energy systems in our asana, pranayama and meditation practice. We present a number of yoga systems including Hatha Yoga, Principles of Vinyasa, Yantra Yoga, Raja Yoga and Swara Yoga, so that our trainees can develop a solid foundation of theoretical knowledge and practice. We are training our students to be able to teach yoga in a modern setting (yoga studios, gyms, private sessions etc.) whilst applying the age-old specific principles of an authentic yoga lifestyle. 

Our mission is to create a heartfelt, professional and supportive environment for trainees to achieve their full potential, regardless of race, age, gender, disability, religious and cultural beliefs and sexual orientation. We promote an active approach to achieving balance on both a physical and energetic level as well as in terms of our yoga practice and the way in which we integrate yoga into our daily lives.  


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Upcoming Courses:

Yoga Teacher Training Diploma

Starting September 2021

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Meditation Teacher Training Diploma

Starting July 2021

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Children's Yoga Teacher Training 

Starting May 2021

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